Patologiya krovoobrashcheniya i kardiokhirurgiya

The Patologiya krovoobrashcheniya i kardiokhirurgiya (Circulation Pathology and Cardiac Surgery) is a peer-reviewed open access journal about advances in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular pathologies. The journal publishes original research articles, reviews and case reports on congenital heart disease, acquired heart disease, coronary artery disease, vascular surgery, arrhythmias. The journal also presents clinical studies on concomitant cardiovascular disease, cardiac anesthesiology, neurosurgery and oncology, materials on the history of cardiovascular medicine.

An official publication of Evgeny Meshalkin National Medical Research Center, the journal reflects the progressive clinical experience and scientific ideas of main Russian and particularly Siberian cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

The journal is indexed by Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), ROAD, WorldCat.




О новом наименовании Центра имени академика Е.Н. Мешалкина в аффилиации статей


Вступил в силу приказ Министерства здравоохранения Российской Федерации, согласно которому Сибирский федеральный биомедицинский центр имени академика Е.Н. Мешалкина официально получил новый статус и название. С 12 июля 2017 года Центр стал Национальным медицинским исследовательским центром имени академика Е.Н. Мешалкина Минздрава России. За Уралом это единственное медицинское учреждение, получившее статус национального.

Для правильного представления аффилиации авторов Центра в глобальных индексах цитирования важно использовать корректные варианты написания нового наименования в статьях на русском и английском языках.

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Vol 21, No 3S (2017): special issue

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF (Russian)
Editorial article 12


The key is to move forward PDF (Russian)
A. M. Karaskov 13-14
A leader must take charge of everything PDF (Russian)
E. N. Meshalkin 16-18
Arrythmologist is a multidisciplinary specialty PDF (Russian)
A. Sh. Revishvili 20-23
Work hard for patient care PDF (Russian)
R. M. Muratov 24-25
Congenital heart disease PDF (Russian)
V. P. Podzolkov 26-27
Well-timed disgnostics of patients is the priority of Russian Health Care Service PDF (Russian)
A. V. Pokrovsky 28-29
Endovascular techniques can be effectively used for managing 50% of acquired heart disease PDF (Russian)
B. G. Alekian 30-31


Modern trends in coronary surgery PDF (Russian)
R. S. Akchurin, A. A. Shiryaev, V. P. Vasiliev, D. M. Galyautdinov, E. E. Vlasova 34-44
History of reconstructive surgery of aorta and aortic valve PDF (Russian)
R. N. Komarov, P. A. Karavaykin, V. V. Murylev 45-60
Innovations in transplantology: heart transplantation program development in Russian Federation PDF (Russian)
S. V. Gautier 61-68
20-year history of thoracic surgery in Russian Federation PDF (Russian)
V. A. Porkhanov 69-78


E.N. Meshalkin (1916–1997) and its priority in the creation of the world’s first successful cavo-pulmonary anastomosis in clinic PDF (Russian)
L. A. Bockeria, V. P. Podzolkov, S. P. Glyantsev, I. V. Kokshenev 80-90


Christiaan N. Barnard (1922–2001) and his path to heart transplantation PDF (Russian)
V. I. Kaleda 92-100
The operation. A human cardiac transplant: an interim report of a successful operation performed at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town PDF (Russian)
K. N. Barnard 101-106
Letter to the editor PDF (Russian)
G. E. Falykovsky 107-109
Heart transplantation. Issues of clinic and theory PDF (Russian)
V. I, Burakovsky, M. A. Frolova, G. E. Falkovsky 110-117

ISSN: 1681-3472 (Print)
ISSN: 2500-3119 (Online)